The 3 Different Types of Oversized Loads and How They’re Transported

Fret not, for oversized loads are here to stay; with them comes the need for exceptional handling that often necessitates permits and licenses. To help you better understand these colossal shipments, this article will explore the various types of large cargo items and how they can be moved from one place to another.

Different Types of Oversized Loads

Oversized loads come in various shapes and sizes, from heavy machinery to construction materials. The size and weight can vary significantly according to the load’s specs. Here are some examples of oversized cargo typically transported:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Construction materials
  • Large vehicles
  • Aircraft parts
  • Industrial machinery
  • Large containers
  • Agricultural equipment

These are only a few examples of the types of massive loads that require specialized transport. Depending upon the size and weight, determining which type of transportation is appropriate will differ.

Transporting Oversized Loads

Transporting oversized loads necessitates careful preparation and planning. Depending on the load’s size, weight, and final destination, you will need to determine which method of transport is best suited for your needs. The three most common forms of transporting oversized items include flatbed trucks, lowboys, or specialized trailers – all of which we’ll overview briefly below:

Flatbed Trucks:

When it comes to oversized freight, flatbed trucks are the go-to mode of transport. Anything too big for standard containers or other hauling vehicles needs a wide platform with an open deck – and that’s exactly what these special haulers provide. Furthermore, they ensure safe handling and delivery of loads requiring extra care during transit.


Lowboys offer the ideal solution for load sizes and weights that are too massive for flatbed trucks. These specialized trailers make it easy to transport large construction equipment, including bulldozers and excavators. In short, they provide a reliable means of carrying loads where standard-sized vehicles aren’t up to the task!

Specialized Trailers:

Specifically configured trailers are the perfect choice for transporting large and bulky items, from aircraft components to agricultural equipment. They have been designed with industrial machinery, oversized containers and other heavy-duty loads in mind – ensuring safe transportation of your cargo every time.

When transporting oversized loads, it’s essential to use the correct type of transport. Using the wrong type of transport can damage the load or injury to the people involved.

Permits and Licenses

Transporting oversized loads successfully requires more than the right type of transport – obtaining all required permits and licenses is necessary. The requirements depend on the load and its destination, so it’s critical to consult local and state laws before beginning any journey with oversized cargo. By ensuring that you fully comply with these regulations beforehand, you can guarantee safe delivery for your shipment!

Navigating the complex process of paperwork can be anything but straightforward. To guarantee a hassle-free delivery, it is paramount to collaborate with an experienced logistics company that has in-depth knowledge and understanding of all legal requirements for permits and licenses.

Working with a Professional Transportation Company

For utmost safety and effectiveness, working with a professional transportation company is critical when transporting an oversized load. With their knowledge and expertise, they can expertly manage all aspects of the process – from securing necessary permits and licenses to selecting the right type of transport. Plus, you’ll have access to experts who can guide you through any legal or regulatory challenges that come up along the way.


Freedom Heavy Haul is perfect if you need a reliable, experienced partner for moving your oversized shipment. This full-service transportation company caters to oversized loads and will assist you every step of the way in acquiring all necessary permits and licenses required for transporting it securely and quickly. With their help, rest assured that your cargo’s journey will be as effortless as possible!

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