Offering the Freedom of Safe and Efficient Heavy Haulage

With over 70% of all loads shipped across the nation by land, heavy haulage is the backbone of our economy.  Trucking companies, and indie truckers, are the glue that keeps the vibrant commercial blood flowing through a network of local roads, highways and inter-state freeways nationwide. Here, at Freedom Heavy Hauling, we’re proud to lend our support to that noble effort. 


We offer safe and efficient shipping options for a broad range of heavy equipment, including:

  • Heavy Haul Loads
  • Over Dimensional Shipment
  • Equipment Export
  • Super Load Hauling
  • Equipment Hauling
  • Catastrophic Recovery  
  • Container Transport
  • Tank Transport
  • Overweight Loads
  • Boat Transport
  • Hotshot Trailer OR Hotshot Trucking OR Hot Shot Hauling

As veteran professionals in the heavy haul business, we know how critical it is to have a transport partner you can depend on. That’s why we do what we do with a single goal in mind: Safety of crew and load in the efficient delivery to your destination! We’re confident that, by focusing on our mission, we’ll easily make you into a repeat customer. 

We guarantee that, once you’ve experienced the freedom of choice we offer, you’ll never want to experience anything else! But it’s not just you – we’re counting on you to convert many of your associates and fellow truckers to turn to us when they want safe, efficient and dependable cross-nation and cross-continent heavy haulage.


The Freedom Heavy Haul team brings decades of heavy-haul expertise to every project we handle. We’re not only logistics experts, but we understand the business of heavy haulage end-to-end. From selecting the right trailer for the right job, to planning the most efficient route to deliver your load, and from local licensing requirements, to cargo-specific health and safety regulations – our team brings local, state-specific and federal knowledge and experience to help clients deliver their loads safely and efficiently across the country.

Alabama Heavy Equipment Transport Alaska Heavy Equipment Transport Arizona Heavy Equipment Transport Arkansas Heavy Equipment Transport California Heavy Equipment Transport
Colorado Heavy Equipment Transport Connecticut Heavy Equipment Transport Delaware Heavy Equipment Transport Florida Heavy Equipment Transport Georgia Heavy Equipment Transport
Hawaii Heavy Equipment Transport Idaho Heavy Equipment Transport Illinois Heavy Equipment Transport Indiana Heavy Equipment Transport Iowa Heavy Equipment Transport
Kansas Heavy Equipment Transport Kentucky Heavy Equipment Transport Louisiana Heavy Equipment Transport Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Maryland Heavy Equipment Transport
Massachusetts Heavy Equipment Transport Michigan Heavy Equipment Transport Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transport Mississippi Heavy Equipment Transport Missouri Heavy Equipment Transport
Montana Heavy Equipment Transport Nebraska Heavy Equipment Transport Nevada Heavy Equipment Transport New Hampshire Heavy Equipment Transport New Jersey Heavy Equipment Transport
New Mexico Heavy Equipment Transport New York Heavy Equipment Transport North Carolina Heavy Equipment Transport North Dakota Heavy Equipment Transport Ohio Heavy Equipment Transport
Oklahoma Heavy Equipment Transport Oregon Heavy Equipment Transport Pennsylvania Heavy Equipment Transport Rhode Island Heavy Equipment Transport South Carolina Heavy Equipment Transport
South Dakota Heavy Equipment Transport Tennessee Heavy Equipment Transport Texas Heavy Equipment Transport Utah Heavy Equipment Transport Vermont Heavy Equipment Transport
Virginia Heavy Equipment Transport Washington Heavy Equipment Transport West Virginia Heavy Equipment Transport Wisconsin Heavy Equipment Transport Wyoming Heavy Equipment Transport

Every destination has its unique laws and by-laws. Each state may have individual restrictions on highway and road-way use, limitations on load weight and height, and differing definitions of light, heavy or super loads. As veterans of the industry, no one understands those differences and nuances better than our team. And many times, it is precisely that knowledge which keeps our clients from being compliant or non-compliant with local, state and federally-mandated haulage requirements. 

We also understand that each piece of equipment has its unique shipping requirement. Our range of heavy equipment transportation services also spans a broad spectrum. No matter what type of equipment you need shipped, and no matter which municipality, city or State you want us to deliver, count on us to deliver on time and safely.

We’re experts at transporting a broad range of heavy equipment, including:

  • Military Trucks Transport Services
  • Bulldozer Transport Services
  • Dump Truck Transport Services
  • Crane Transport Services
  • Excavator Transport Services
  • Wheel Loader Transport Services
  • Farm Tractor Transport Services
  • Skid Steer Transport Services
  • Boom Lift Transport Services
  • Backhoe Loader Transport Services
  • Forklift Transport Services
  • Motor Grader Transport Services
  • Motor Scrapers Transport Services
  • Drilling and Rigging Transport Services

If there’s a special delivery that doesn’t match any of the above, give us a call to discuss your unique requirements. Our veteran logistics experts will match our needs with the most appropriate trailer, and even come up with the most appropriate shipping route and schedule to suit your deadlines. 


At Freedom Heavy Hauling, we’re more than just a “trucking company”. We pride ourselves as a company that delivers heavy haulage choice to our customers. Ours is a solutions service – not just a truck rental business, like many of our peers. Whether it’s cross-state construction equipment you want to ship, or time-sensitive mining devices and heavy implements that must get to your destination – safely and efficiently – we’ve got just the right solution for you. 

The breadth of choice we offer includes:

  • Flatbed/Flatdeck
  • Step Deck/Drop Deck
  • RGN/Lowboy
  • Tri Axle Step Deck Trailer
  • Stretch RGN Trailers
  • Landoll Trailers

We have the depth of experience to support local, intra-state and inter-state shipments of heavy loads. If there’s a load that requires special handling, we’ll find the right trailer to get it to your destination safely and efficiently. 


Our proven track record of consistent safe and on-time deliveries has resulted in a significant increase in repeat customers. For many of our clients, we’ve been the only heavy haulage carrier they’ve relied upon for all their local, state-wide and cross-country shipping requirements. So, how do we do it? 

  • By putting our customers first: We’ve done it by building trust with our customers. Our clients have come to rely upon us to always have their best interest above any potential revenue motivation. If there’s a better solution elsewhere (for example, with another one of our peers), we’ll be happy to tell our clients that. We’ll always ensure the solution is right for the client – and that’s why they keep coming back to us!
  • Through transparent dealings: Our fee structure and pricing policies are simple – what you see is what it costs! There are no hidden charges, additional fees or secret referral commissions or levies. It is this level of transparency that our clients appreciate. The reason they like coming back time and again is that they know exactly what we’ll do for them, and how much it’ll cost!
  • Being fully compliant and well-informed: We are fully licensed and authorized (Authority MC-720433 & DOT-2247218) to offer our services throughout the United States. We ensure that our staff are continually up-to-date the latest industry developments – be that updated safety standards, weather conditions or potential road closures and re-routes. This ensures that we provide our clients with information, advice and services in line with the latest statutory and regulatory mandates. Is it any wonder then, that our clients continue doing business with us!    
  • Constant and open communication: We’ve made it a hallmark of our business practice to constantly remain in touch with our clients. From information about new services and solutions, to status updates on an in-progress shipment, to quotes and service proposals. Some of our long-term clients trust us so well that they’ll even reach out to us to discuss haulage rates and services that some of our competitors offer. It is our transparency and open lines of communication policy that makes our clients return time and again to us! 

But, most of all, we are so successful in doing what we do because we treat our clients as partners – not just a source of revenue. No one knows your requirements better than you. So, when our clients come to us with a heavy haulage challenge, they know that they are speaking with someone that that’s equally good in the business of heavy hauling and logistics. Our consultative approach to defining the scope of the challenge, finding the right trailer and planning the most efficient route, is what differentiates us from our peers.  

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