Boom Lift Transport Services

Freedom Heavy Hauling has you covered. We’re licensed and insured professionals who do boom lift transport right.


Turn to Freedom Heavy Haul to ship your boom lifts anywhere you need them to go. Whether you need to transport a straight boom lift or haul an articulated boom lift, our professional drives can make it happen. Each one of our carefully selected heavy-haul operators is:

  • Legally Licensed
  • Fully Insured
  • Highly Rated

Trust Freedom Heavy Haul to shepherd your load to a successful conclusion. Our trained transport agents negotiate your best deal, then they make sure your valuable equipment arrives safely at its next destination. Let us take the risk –and handle the hassle – of shipping your boom lift anywhere in the nation.

Ship Any Type of Boom Lift

Boom lifts, scissor lifts and other types of aerial work platforms are used to provide access to elevated work spaces. The largest boom lifts weigh nearly 50,000 pounds. The smallest lifts can fit on the upper deck of a step-deck trailer. The main types of aerial work platforms we ship include:

  • Boom lifts. Used to reach and work on especially high places, the booms can extend past the end of the trailer. Correct measurements are crucial.
  • Scissor lifts. Since these lifts can only move straight up, they must be placed directly under or next to the work area. Nice size, easy to ship.
  • Mechanical lifts. Smaller versions of scissor lifts, mechanical lifts are usedfor indoor tasks like changing light bulbs. Another partial load candidate.

Is your boom lift connected to a truck? Freedom Heavy Haul ships cherry pickers, as well as other work trucks, anywhere in the nation. Even if your cherry picker is inoperable, we can ship it as long as we can tow it aboard our trailer. When you need to ship a cherry picker, think Freedom Heavy Haul.

Trucks and Trailers to Haul Your Boom Lifts

Your first choice for hauling your boom lift is a flatbed trailer. Flatbed rates are slightly lower than rates for step-deck trailers and RGN trailers. If you can fit your heavy equipment on a flatbed trailer, ship it.

Boom lifts come in all shapes and sizes, though. Depending upon it’s dimensions, your scissor lift or aerial work platform might not fit on a flatbed. Trailers used to transport boom lifts include:

  • RGN Trailer. If your aerial work platform weighs more than 30,000 pounds, consider an RGN. To save money, ship multiple boom lifts on one RGN.
  • Step Deck Trailer. Since they sit lower to the ground, step-deck trailers are easier to load from the ground than flatbed trailers. We use steel ramps.
  • Flatbed Trailer. Your best bet for loading your lift on a flatbed a loading dock. Otherwise, you’ll need a set of ramps, and likely a work crew, to load.

Smaller boom lifts and scissor lifts can ship on a hotshot trailer, maybe even a utility trailer. Hotshots are great for local hauling. Ask your transport agent to discuss with you the various options you have available to you for shipping your smaller boom lift or transporting your smaller scissor lift.

Tips for Successfully Shipping Your Boom Lift

Boom lifts are mobile, so they’re pretty easy to shift. Usually you just drive them aboard their trailers. Scissor lifts and mechanical lifts are simple to move too. Like any other piece of equipment, make sure you center the load in the middle of the trailer.

A couple other tips for successfully shipping your scissor lift or your boom lift:

Use a winch to pull your scissor lift onto the flatbed. If you don’t have access to a work crew, make sure your driver has a winch. We’ll find a driver who has one.

Load your boom lift with the boom pointing to the rear. For the safety of the driver in case of collision, the boom should be loaded facing away from the cab.

Dock loading for a flatbed is another key to success. Otherwise, you’re pushing and pulling the platform up steel ramps. Scissor lifts, in particular, have low ground clearance. Longer ramps that have less slope work much better than shorter ramps.

Boom Lift Manufacturers

Freedom Heavy Haul has years of experience shipping all of the major aerial work platforms, including boom lifts, scissor lifts and mechanical lifts. Major lift manufacturers we’ve shipped include:

  • Altec
  • Genie
  • Grove
  • Haulotte
  • JLG
  • Manitou
  • Skyjack
  • Skytrak
  • Snorkel
  • Terex
  • Time

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