Drilling and Rigging Transport Services

Freedom Heavy Haul wants to ship your Drilling & Rigging anywhere you need it.


Call about shipping your drilling and rigging equipment anywhere you’d like in the US, Canada or Mexico. Freedom Heavy Haul transports drilling equipment of all sizes and shapes. Let our experienced logistics experts help you decide which transport trailer is right for hauling your drilling and rigging equipment.

Need multiple trailers? No problem. We’ll match your load with the proper modes of transportation, with the goal of delivering your equipment on time and in great shape. We typically haul drilling and rigging equipment used for:

  • Oil fields
  • Utilities
  • Mining

Ask us to handle your oversize shipments. We’ll take care of the logistics – permits, schedules, fees, everything. Your agent also arranges the shipment, including trucks, trailers and drivers. For turn-key, all-in-one transport services for your drilling and rigging equipment, contact Freedom Heavy Haul today.

Ship Any Type of Rigging


The basic components of a drilling rig include crane, boiler equipment, booms, leaders, spotters and mats. Our specially trained operators know how to load, secure, transport and unload your drilling equipment. We don’t hire rookies!

Ask your agent to help supply boom trucks, cranes and winches for loading and unloading your drilling equipment. Based upon the job description, your agent can help you determine how much mechanical assistance you’ll need. In addition to basic drilling equipment, we also ship:

  • Drills
  • Generators
  • Hammers
  • Pipes
  • Pumps

Let us transport your pipe-laying equipment and cranes. RGN trailers are nice for shipping picker trucks, boom trucks or pipe layers over long distances. Speak with your agent about renting a crane to load your drilling gear while we transport your onsite crane to offload at your next work location.

Trucks and Trailers for Shipping Rigging


Multi-axel, extended length RGN trailers are available for transporting your largest pieces of drilling equipment, such as pipes and pipe layers. Trust us to ship your hoists, augers and drill casings safely and efficiently to your next drilling site.

Our agents try to save you money by utilizing flatbed trailers whenever possible. For instance, mud pumps travel on flatbed trailers. Larger, motorized pieces of equipment should travel about step-deck trailers or RGN trailer. Each type of trailer has its own peculiar advantages:

  • Flatbed trailers. The most widely available trailer, flatbeds can be fitted with arms to hold pipes and other tubular items. Or just strap ‘em down.
  • Step-deck trailers. Less cost than RGNs, step-decks are great for loads that need extra clearance room. Pumps or generators ride on the upper deck.
  • RGN trailers. Along with mining equipment, pipe layers are among the largest pieces of equipment we transport. We’ll find you the perfect trailer.

Part of the art of shipping rigging equipment is determining how to distribute your equipment among multiple trailers. You’ll need the right mix of trailers to get the job done properly. Speak with one of our trusted logistics agents to begin planning your drilling-rig shipment today.

Ship Utilities Trucks and Equipment


Speak with Freedom Heavy Hauling about transporting your utilities equipment across the country. We’ll handle the hauling of your utilities drilling machinery and tools, as well as your fleet of utilities support vehicles.

Let us ship your Ditch Witch horizontal drilling equipment today. Depending on the dimensions, your Ditch Witch might fit on a flatbed trailer or a step-deck trailer. Ask us to haul all your utilities equipment, including:

  • Directional drills
  • Drilling attachments
  • Boom trucks

Is your utilities support vehicle non-operational? If your truck breaks down, call us to ship it for repairs. Your agent can help you arrange tow-truck or crane support to load and unload your utilities vehicle that doesn’t run. Someway, somehow, we’ll get your broken-down utilities equipment safely shipped wherever you want it.

Ship Oversize Mining Equipment


Call Freedom Heavy Haul to ship your basic mining equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers and scrapers. Whether your mining equipment fits within transport regulations or is oversize, we can arrange successful hauling of your mining machinery.

We’ll move your articulated dump trucks and your hauling trucks too. Our professional drivers also have transported:

  • Mining drills
  • Blasting tools
  • Crushing equipment
  • Screeners and processers

Gigantic on-site equipment, such as crushing plants and rock screeners, ships on extended-length, multi-axle RGN trailers. Same with articulated dump trucks. Let us match your mining equipment with the proper type of trailer for a smooth and efficient shipping experience.

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