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Freedom Heavy Haul wants to ship your Motor Scrapers anywhere you need it.


Speak with us about hauling your motor scraper where you want it today. Great rates and super service on oversize loads. Choose Freedom Heavy Haul to haul your motor scraper to its next destination anywhere in the US. Your paving equipment is safe and secure while it travels with one of our professional heavy-haul drivers.

Expect on-time service, prompt offloads and courteous customer service when you ship your motor scraper with us. Heavy-haul operators who drive for us have:

  • Up-to-date licensing
  • Complete insurance
  • Great customer reviews

Most of our heavy-haul drivers can operate your motor scraper. That’s an important skill when you’re loading and offloading such a large piece of equipment. In addition, our drivers are experts at positioning your motor scrapers properly on their trailers. For fast and efficient transport of your valuable motor scraper, call Freedom Heavy Haul today.

Ship Any Type of Motor Scraper

Self-propelled motor scrapers are the most popular type of scraper used today. Ranging anywhere from 8-feet to 40-feet in length, self-propelled motor scrapers are used to level the dirt on a construction site. Each machine can handle massive quantities of dirt in one pass.

Most variation among motor scrapers occurs in the undercarriage. Most motor scrapers are of the same design. Other types of motor scraper we ship include:

  • Elevating scraper. Like a mixing bowl on wheels, elevating scrapers can blend and sort dirt once its been captured. Larger than other scrapers.
  • Auger scraper. Instead of an apron, auger loaders have rotating wheels that sweep dirt into the bowl. Heavy and lengthy, usually ship on RGN trailers.
  • Push-pull scraper. These non-powered scrapers are towed behind motor scrapers, like a train car, to scoop more dirt. We ship smaller scrapers too.

Non-motorized scrapers also can be towed by tractors or bulldozers. Depending upon the dimensions of your non-motorized scraper, you’ll need a step-deck trailer or a flatbed trailer. The largest push-pull scrapers, ones used with motor scrapers, usually require RGN trailer transport.

Trucks and Trailers to Ship Your Motor Scraper

All self-propelled motor scrapers are too large to haul on flatbed trailers. Most motor scrapers won’t fit on step-deck trailers. Your best bet to ship a motor scraper usually is going to be an RGN trailer.

Non-motorized scrapers, which are usually towed behind tractors or bulldozers, can be transport onboard flatbed trailers or step-deck trailers. To match your equipment with the proper trailer, make sure you know the exact dimensions of your machine. Motor scrapers are regularly shipped on:

  • RGN trailers. With their big tires and large ground clearance, it’s fairly easy to drive a motor scraper on and off an RGN trailer.
  • Step deck trailers. Only the smallest motor scrapers have a chance of fitting on a step-deck trailer. Usually they weigh too much to drive up the ramps.

Most self-propelled motor scrapers travel as oversize loads. Width often is an issue, as is weight and length. To ship your largest motor scraper, use a multi-axel extended RGN trailer. Speak with your knowledgeable logistics agent for help calculating the size and capacity you’ll need from an RGN trailer to haul your oversize load.

Tips for Successfully Shipping Your Motor Scraper

Many of the largest motor scrapers exceed the dimensional limits of most states. If you’re oversized, you’ll have to apply for oversize permits for all the states in which your motor scraper will travel.

RGN trailers are used to haul oversize loads. In general, you’ll need oversize permits in most states if your load exceeds:

  • Weight: 45,000 pounds.
  • Width: 8 ½ feet.
  • Height: 12 feet.
  • Length: 53 feet.

Oversize regulations vary among states, so check with your agent for specifics. Your agent can handle all the logistics of your oversize shipment: trailer selection, route routing, shipment scheduling, escort-vehicle retention, and transportation. Trust your knowledgeable agent to take care of all the important facets of shipping your oversize motor scraper anywhere you want it.

Motor Scraper Manufacturers

Freedom Heavy Haul transports all the major brands of motor scraper all across the country. If you need a motor scraper shipped, call us today. We’ll haul motor scrapers made by any of the major manufacturers, including:

  • Allis Chalmers
  • Caterpillar
  • Clark
  • Dresser
  • International
  • John Deer
  • Komatsu
  • LeTourneau
  • Terex

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