3 Flatbed Trailer Types for Shipping Heavy Equipment

For transporting heavy equipment, flatbed trailers are the superior solution. Not only can they haul a multitude of different loads, but they also offer easy loading and unloading abilities. From multi-axle to double deck – there’s no shortage of options for flatbed trailers! In this blog post, we’ll explore these various flatbed trailer types so you can decide which one will be most suitable for your needs.

Flatbed Trailer Types

With their signature flat and open platform, flatbed trailers are a staple in transporting heavy items. Whether it’s massive equipment or bulky goods that can’t fit on regular trailers – from small single-axle to jumbo multi-axle configurations – these versatile structures make hauling much more convenient no matter the size of your cargo. You could easily upfit them for multiple purposes, such as adding side rails, ramps, tarps, and other accessories, so you’re ready for any job!

Drop Deck Trailers

Drop deck trailers are ideal for transporting low-slung machinery such as excavators or bulldozers. Compared to traditional flatbeds, these trailer decks sit much lower off the ground. They can be customized with side rails and ramps for a personalized transportation experience tailored to your needs.

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are the perfect solution if you need an RGN trailer to accommodate hefty machinery like bulldozers and excavators. These versatile carriers come available in various sizes – from small single-axle to large multi-axle models – and can be equipped with everything from side rails to tarps for easy equipment hauling. No matter your needs, there’s sure to be a lowboy trailer configuration just right for you!

Removable Gooseneck Trailers

Removable gooseneck trailers are the perfect choice for hauling heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and excavators. Coming in various sizes ranging from small single-axle to large multi-axle trailers, they offer various customizable options like side rails, ramps, tarps, and more! These versatile flatbeds make transporting your materials effortless.

Flatbed Trailers for Heavy Equipment Shipping

Flatbed trailers are the go-to option for shipping heavy equipment. They are versatile and capable of hauling a variety of loads, and they are also easy to load and unload. Additionally, they can be fitted with various accessories, such as side rails, ramps, and tarps, to make them more suitable for hauling different types of equipment. Choosing the correct type of flatbed trailer is essential to ensure your equipment is transported safely and securely. To learn more about flatbed trailer types and how they can be used to transport your heavy equipment, visit Freedom Heavy Haul.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Flatbed Trailers for Heavy Equipment Shipping

Proper maintenance and upkeep of flatbed trailers are essential to ensure they are in good condition for safe and efficient hauling. Regular inspections, brake and tire checks, and lubrication of moving parts are necessary to prevent costly repairs and downtime, which can impact project timelines and budgets.


When it comes to transporting heavy equipment, flatbed trailers are the best option available. Their versatility and convenience make them an ideal choice for shipping various loads; their design makes loading and unloading simple. Moreover, accessories such as side rails, ramps, and tarps can be added to tailor your trailer specifically for whatever cargo you need to be transported – ensuring that all shipments arrive safe and secure! Therefore when opting for a flatbed trailer, consider what exactly you require so that the perfect one will match your needs perfectly.

Freedom Heavy Haul

At Freedom Heavy Haul, we provide a complete selection of flatbed trailers to handle your cargo. Whether you need something small and straightforward or large and complex – our range of single-axle, double-axle, and multi-axle options will get the job done right. With us at your side, transporting even the heaviest equipment is easy! Reach out now to learn more about how our exceptional flatbed trailers can help you succeed on every project.

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