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At Freedom Heavy Haulers, we have years of experience shipping cranes. We know how to properly load and secure them for transport, and we have the right equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. Contact us today for a free quote on your crane shipping needs.

Shipping a crane with Freedom Heavy Haul is a stress-free experience. We provide specialized transportation services throughout North America for all types of cranes, from rough terrain to hydro-crane. Our experienced personnel are fully qualified and trained in all aspects of crane shipping and can handle any transportation need with professionalism and efficiency. We understand that each shipment has its own unique needs and requirements. That’s why we take extra care to customize our solutions so that your crane arrives safely and on time.

Our team is experienced in the intricacies of crane transport, so you can rest assured that your cargo is in good hands.

We specialize in transporting cranes with our fleet of flatbeds, step deck trailers, and lowboys. We ship all sizes of cranes, including overhead, tower, and crawler cranes. Our trailers are equipped with outriggers to stabilize the crane for transport safely. We also offer heavy lift services for those oversized shipments that require specialized handling.

What Can You Expect With Crane Shipping With Freedom Heavy Haul?

When you choose Freedom Heavy Haul for your Crane shipping needs, you can expect the following:

  • Professional and experienced drivers who are trained in handling and transporting heavy machinery
  • Modern and well-maintained trucks and trailers equipped with the necessary safety features
  • Timely pickup and delivery of your Crane to its destination
  • Regular updates on the status of your shipment
  • Competitive pricing for our services

Why Use Freedom Heavy Haul for Crane Shipping?

There are several reasons why you should choose Freedom Heavy Haul for your Crane shipping needs:

  • Our team has years of experience in transporting heavy machinery, including Cranes.
  • We use only the best and most reliable trucks and trailers to ensure the safe transportation of your Crane.
  • We are fully licensed and insured, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your shipment is protected.
  • We offer competitive pricing for our services and are dedicated to providing excellent customer value.
  • Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your shipment.

What Kinds of Trucks and Trailers Haul Cranes?

At Freedom Heavy Haul, we use a variety of trucks and trailers to transport Cranes, including:

  • Lowboy trailers: These are specifically designed for hauling heavy machinery and equipment, including Cranes. Lowboy trailers have a low deck height and are equipped with ramps for easy loading and unloading.
  • Flatbed trailers: Flatbed trailers can be used to transport Cranes, but they are not as well-suited as lowboy trailers due to their higher deck height. However, flatbed trailers can be a good option for shorter-distance shipments or for Cranes that can be disassembled for transport.
  • Step deck trailers: Step deck trailers have a lower deck height than flatbed trailers and are typically used for hauling heavy machinery and equipment.

Ways to Transport Crane with Freedom Heavy Haul

There are several options available for transporting your Crane with Freedom Heavy Haul:

  • On a trailer: Your Crane can be loaded onto a trailer and transported to its destination. This is the most common method of transport for Cranes.
  • By truck and trailer: Your Crane can be transported by truck and trailer, with the truck pulling the trailer and carrying the Crane. This option is suitable for shorter-distance shipments.
  • By rail: For longer distance shipments, your Crane can be loaded onto a railcar for transport. This option is typically less expensive than truck transport, but it may take longer for your Crane to reach its destination.

Permits and Paperwork (If Applicable)

Depending on the size and weight of your Crane, you may need to obtain special permits for its transport. Freedom Heavy Haul can assist with obtaining the necessary permits and paperwork for your shipment.

Scheduling Crane Shipping Services

To schedule Crane shipping services with Freedom Heavy Haul, please contact our team at (866) 305-6018 or email us at Our team is available 24/7 to assist you with scheduling and coordinating your shipment. When you contact us, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The size and weight of your Crane
  • The pickup and delivery location of your Crane
  • Are any special instructions or requirements for the transport of your Crane
  • Your preferred method of transport

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions we receive about shipping Cranes with Freedom Heavy Haul:

Question: How long does it take to transport a Crane?

Answer: The length of time it takes to transport a Crane will depend on the distance of the shipment, the mode of transport chosen, and any potential delays that may occur. In general, truck transport is the quickest option, while rail transport may take longer. Our team can provide you with an estimated timeline for your Crane’s transport once we have all the necessary information.

Question: How much does it cost to transport a Crane?

Answer: The cost of transporting a Crane will depend on various factors, including the size and weight of the Crane, the distance of the shipment, and the mode of transport chosen. Our team will provide you with a quote for our services once we have all the necessary information.

Article Summary:

Freedom Heavy Haul is a leading provider of Crane shipping services. Our team is dedicated to providing safe and efficient transport for your Crane, using modern and well-maintained trucks and trailers. We offer various options for transporting your Crane, including on a trailer, by truck, and by trailer.

We can assist with obtaining any necessary permits and paperwork, and our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your shipment. To schedule Crane shipping services with Freedom Heavy Haul, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (866) 305-6018 or email us at Thanks for reading this article.


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If you're looking for a company that can handle your crane shipping needs, look no further than Freedom Heavy Haulers. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and on time.

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Crane Shipping is a leading provider of shipping services. They offer a wide range of services, including maritime transportation, warehousing, and logistics. They have a strong focus on customer service and are always looking for ways to improve their operations.

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When you purchase Crane Shipping, you can expect to receive high-quality shipping services. With Crane Shipping, you can trust that your goods will be delivered on time and in good condition.

How Long Does Hydraulic Press Transport Take?

Crane Shipping takes about 2 weeks.

How Much Does Hydraulic Press Transport Cost?

The cost of shipping a crane can vary depending on the size and weight of the crane, as well as the distance it needs to be shipped. Generally, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars to have a crane shipped.

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Why Choose Freedom Heavy Haul?

The most important thing to look for in a crane shipping company is experience. Make sure the company you are considering has plenty of experience shipping cranes. You should also ask for references from past clients. Finally, be sure to get a quote in writing before you commit to using any particular company.

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