Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies Near Bridgeport

Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies Near Bridgeport

With its experience and expertise in shipping heavy equipment, Freedom Heavy Haul is your best choice for cross-state and cross-country shipping. We’ll make sure your cargo is delivered safely and securely all the time – because that’s what we’re good at!

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Long Distance Machinery Transport to/from Bridgeport

With a population of 144,900, Bridgeport is the largest city in the state of Connecticut. It is also the city that hosts one of the three ports in the state, making it a hub for trucking and transportation activity. The economy of the city is rather diverse, comprising of businesses in industries as wide ranging as manufacturing, construction, health care, retail, finance and hospitality.  

Although not within Bridgeport-proper, a number of Fortune 500 companies, like General Electric, Xerox Corporation and Pitney Bowes Inc., have operations in nearby Fairfield County. This gives added boost to long distance movement of machinery and equipment from/to the port city, enroot to other destinations.

We, here at Freedom Heavy Haul, are specialists in moving machinery and equipment over long distances, including:

  • Plants
  • Oil rigs, pipes and related machinery
  • Industrial and commercial equipment
  • Mining machinery
  • Turbines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Cranes
  • Hotel and restaurant appliances
  • Factory components
  • Building and construction machinery.  

If you need your machinery moved from/to Bridgeport, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Over Dimensional and International Shipping to/from Bridgeport

As one of Connecticut’s busy port cities, Bridgeport is a gateway for large, bulky, oversized cargo, both in/out bound from/to the city and the rest of the USA, and even globally. The movement of such cargo, called Over Dimensional (OD), Over Size (OS) or Over Weight (OW), is typically governed by Connecticut’s Oversize / Overweight (OS/OW) Permit Office within the Bureau of Highway Operations.

There are strict rules around the overland movement of such loads. There are height and weight limitations, restrictions on routes to travel, time-of-day movement restrictions, and even accompanying pilot vehicle requirements. All of this makes OD trucking extremely complex. That’s why we at Freedom Heavy Haul have specialists to deal with everything – from permitting to planning.

Our Over Dimensional and International Shipping (ODIS) operations also support clients move large, overweight and oversized loads from/to Bridgeport and anywhere in the USA for international shipping. Whether it’s a port, train station, container yard, truck or bus terminal or an airport, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure the safety and timely delivery of your oversized cargo.

Our International Shipping team supports cargo destined for a number of countries, including:

  • China
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • India
  • United Kingdom 
  • France 
  • Italy 
  • Brazil 
  • Canada 
  • Russia 
  • South Korea 
  • Spain 
  • Australia 
  • Mexico 
  • Indonesia 
  • Netherlands 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey and

If you have oversized or regular cargo destined from/to Bridgeport and any of these destinations, we can help you. And if your destination isn’t listed here – don’t worry! We’re continually adding other destination countries to which we extend our support. Check this link to our website for the latest list.

Construction Equipment Shipping to/from Bridgeport

Freedom Heavy Haul is also a critical service provider when it comes to moving construction gear and equipment from/to Bridgeport. Whether it’s for a military project or civilian enterprise, our construction equipment shipping service has the equipment and experience to ensure the safe and secure movement of your goods.

We’ll ship anything you need from/to Bridgeport for getting your construction project going, including shipping all types of rigs, cranes, hoists, lifts, rollers, dozers, drills, excavators, ploughs, sanders, salters, oil rigs, mining equipment and other heavy construction equipment. And the best part of this service is that we act as your single point of contact.

All you need to do is have your construction equipment ready to be shipped. We’ll deal with the planning, permitting and other logistical arrangements required. We’ll ensure all the equipment, rigs and trucks show up on time to load your equipment at pickup points, and then unload them at the destination. Just one call to our office gets you that seamless service! 

RGN, Step Deck, Flat Deck trailers available near Bridgeport

As America’s roughly $700 billion-dollar industry industry, trucking plays an important role in the economy of cities across the country, including port cities like Bridgeport. The American Trucking Association (ATA)  estimates that 70% of all cargo moved across the nation is hauled by trucks. That makes the timely availability of trucks and trailers all the more essential.

But, if you need to move your cargo safely and securely, you need the right type of trailer to haul it. Make sure of that by speaking with one of our knowledgeable specialists before you book a vehicle to haul your cargo.   

RGN Trailers Servicing near Bridgeport

If your RGN trailers need servicing, make sure it’s done by a service provider with the right qualification and experience. That’s the only way to guarantee the reliability of the cargo you’re hauling.

Here are a few RGN trailer servicing companies near Bridgeport:

Bridgeport ZIP codes

Zip codes: 06604, 06605, 06606, 06607, 06608, 06610, 06611.

SOURCE: https://connecticut.hometownlocator.com/zip-codes/zipcodes,city,bridgeport.cfm

Other Useful Information:

Our Recent Shipments

Shipments image
Concrete Pump Truck Shipped Into Alvarado, Texas from Braselton, Georgia
This 35 ft. long Concrete Pump Truck was transported into Alvarado, Texas from Braselton, GA by Nick H. from Heavy Haulers. The 54,000-pound Concrete Pump Truck had a within limit 8 ft. of width and an oversize 12.9 ft. of height which called for a low RGN trailer platform for legal carriage. Nick H.’s determinations proved suitable and the 865-mile transport was exceedingly smooth.
Shipment Origin: Houston, TX
Shipment Destination: Los Angeles, CA
Trip Miles: 1548
Delivery Time: 3 Days
Trailer Type: Stretch RGN
Make and Model: Grove GMK3060
Category: All Terrain Crane
Dimensions: 37 Long
Cost: $ 2800.00

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