Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies Near Ramapo, NY

Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies Near Ramapo, NY

As one of the pioneer heavy hauling companies in the USA, Freedom Heavy Haul provides shipping across states and internationally. We can move the heaviest machinery from any point in New York State. Whether you need equipment for construction, engineering, or petroleum, we’ll be able to arrange your shipment and make sure it reaches its destination safely and on time. 

Long Distance Machinery Transport to/from Ramapo

Ramapo is a city located in Rockland County, NY. The city is located north of NYC and according to the latest census has 126,595 inhabitants. This makes it the #13th largest city in the state of New York. The city was founded under the name ‘New Hampstead’ in 1791. Ramapo’s name was changed in 1828 to its current name when it was named after the Ramapo River. 

Ramapo’s name originates from the Native American Lenape language which stands for “sweet water” or “rocks”. They were the first tribe to inhabit the area and their descendants currently live in New Jersey. The city was also called by the names “Ramopuck”, “Ramapock” and “Ramapough”. It borders Haverstraw to the north and Clarkstown to the east. The town was formed by seceding from the town of Haverstraw 7 years after the Revolution. 

Ramapo’s population started growing with the introduction of the first rail line which was built in Rockland County in 1841. This railroad was one of the premier railroads in the state of New York and connected NYC to Lake Erie. For the time, the railroad was considered a marvel of engineering. The most well-known building in the city is the New Hope Church which was established in the early 19th century and still operates to this day. The Groesbeck mansion built in the 1860s is also a famous landmark. 

If you need to ship your equipment from Ramapo to NYC or any other location in New York State – we can move the cargo for you. Freedom Heavy Haul can move any of the following equipment: 

  • Plants.
  • Oil rigs, pipes, and related machinery.
  • Industrial and commercial equipment.
  • Mining machinery.
  • Turbines.
  • Agricultural machinery.
  • Cranes.
  • Hotel and restaurant appliances.
  • Factory components.
  • Building and construction machinery.  

Over Dimensional and International Shipping to/from Ramapo

The term “over-dimensional” stands for all cargo above the legal limits imposed by an individual state. New York State carries out inspections for large trucks and every shipment exceeding the legal limit of 80,000 lbs has to obtain a permit by the Department of Transportation. We ensure our clients get all the permits they need to ship their equipment from Ramapo to their destination of interest.

We provide international shipping options with numerous countries. Our ODIS service covers you for heavy machinery when you need to ship it internationally. We could ship your equipment to the nearest airport or a large seaport where it departs to an international destination. Need to move a dozer from Ramapo to Europe? We have you covered! We’ll haul your machine and ensure it arrives without a scratch. The following are our most popular international shipping destinations: 

  • China
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • India
  • United Kingdom 
  • France 
  • Italy 
  • Brazil 
  • Canada 
  • Russia 
  • South Korea 
  • Spain 
  • Australia 
  • Mexico 
  • Indonesia 
  • Netherlands 
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Turkey and 
  • Switzerland

The list above does not include all countries supported by Freedom Heavy Haul. To check the full list of countries we ship to you must visit the following page. The international shipping service allows you to ship from any location in Ramapo directly onto the most suitable international port. We calibrate each shipment based on the destination and time necessary. 

The State of New York Permissible Weight Table covers all regulations in regard to large international shipments. 

Construction Equipment Shipping to/from Ramapo

We specialize in transporting machinery for real estate development companies – commercial or residential. If you want to get the job done on time, you need your equipment at the job site fast. This is where we come in! We’ll ship your cranes, rigs, hoists, dozers, drills, and more. We make sure your construction equipment is safely transported on time. 

Freedom Heavy Haul has a team of experienced planners and drivers who prioritize safety and efficiency. We’ll always comply with state laws to ensure the shipment arrives without any delays. 

RGN Trailers Servicing near Ramapo

The RGN trailer is the most essential component of the truck when it comes to hauling cargo. The best service providers are ones that have been in business for decades and have plenty of experience maintaining trailers. Here’s a list of the most reliable RGN trailer service companies near Ramapo:

RGN, Step Deck, Flat Deck trailers available near Ramapo

Ramapo has close links to NYC and Upstate New York. It is one of the largest communities in the state of New York and its proximity to New York & New Jersey Port means plenty of cargo is transported in the area for other destinations as well. Most cargo in the US is transported by large trucks. If you want to make sure your shipments arrive on time, you need a reliable trailer for the truck. The following is a list of trailers available in proximity to Ramapo: 

Ramapo ZIP codes

Ramapo ZIP codes: 10901, 10952, 10977, 10970, 10965, 10974.

Source: https://myzip-code.com/postalcode/Ramapo-NY

Source: https://www.city-data.com/city/Ramapo-New-York.html

Other Useful Information

Our Recent Shipments

Shipments image
Concrete Pump Truck Shipped Into Alvarado, Texas from Braselton, Georgia
This 35 ft. long Concrete Pump Truck was transported into Alvarado, Texas from Braselton, GA by Nick H. from Heavy Haulers. The 54,000-pound Concrete Pump Truck had a within limit 8 ft. of width and an oversize 12.9 ft. of height which called for a low RGN trailer platform for legal carriage. Nick H.’s determinations proved suitable and the 865-mile transport was exceedingly smooth.
Shipment Origin: Houston, TX
Shipment Destination: Los Angeles, CA
Trip Miles: 1548
Delivery Time: 3 Days
Trailer Type: Stretch RGN
Make and Model: Grove GMK3060
Category: All Terrain Crane
Dimensions: 37 Long
Cost: $ 2800.00

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