Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies Near Tallahassee, Florida

Heavy Equipment Shipping Companies Near Tallahassee, Florida

We specialize in heavy transport at Freedom Heavy Haul and we can ship oversize cargo from any point in the capital city of Florida – Tallahassee. If you need to ship anywhere in North-Western Florida and your weight exceeds the maximums by the state of Florida, hire us and we’ll make sure it gets shipped on time. We are the best at large industrial-sized shipments for construction, engineering, oil, and gas. Our clients get their shipments ON TIME, EVERY TIME!

Long Distance Machinery Transport to/from Tallahassee

Tallahassee is located in North-Western Florida and it’s the capital of the State of Florida. The city has a population of 193,551, making it the #7th largest in the state of Florida while the large metropolitan area has 385,145 residents. As the capital of Florida, Tallahassee hosts the Florida State Capital building, the Supreme Court of Florida, and the Florida Governor’s Mansion. 

Tallahassee is also home to over 30 state agencies. The main industries in the town are law firms, lobbying organizations, universities, trade organizations, and professional organizations. The Florida Bar and the Florida Chamber of Commerce are located in Tallahassee. The city received an award as the All-American City by the National Civic League in 2015. 

Tallahassee is centered in Leon County and is the largest city in the Florida Big Bend. It’s the center for trade and agriculture in the North-Western Florida region and South-Western Georgia. Tallahassee hosts the prominent Florida State University which consistently ranks among the #20 public universities in the US.

Tallahassee is also the home of Florida A&M University, one of the largest historically black universities by total enrollment. The city is serviced by the Tallahassee Community College which sends most graduates to Florida State and Florida A&M. The town has a reputation as a college town with a student population exceeding 70,000. 

We provide heavy-hauling services to and from Tallahassee, and we collaborate with state authorities to provide permits for shipments exceeding Florida state limits. We can transport all of the following: 

  • Plants
  • Oil rigs, pipes, and related machinery
  • Industrial and commercial equipment
  • Mining machinery
  • Turbine
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Cranes
  • Hotel and restaurant appliances
  • Factory components
  • Building and construction machinery.  

Over Dimensional and International Shipping to/from Tallahassee

We provide swift international and over-dimensional shipping for clients in Tallahassee and beyond. Need to ship your heavy machinery between different points in the North of Florida? We have you covered! For cargo exceeding the weight limits imposed by the state, we’ll obtain permits and make sure the shipment arrives safely through permitted roads and highways. 

Freedom Heavy Haul’s ODIS department services clients who need to ship their heavy machinery in the state of Florida and internationally. We ship to dozens of international countries and we can ship directly from Tallahassee to most popular shipping destinations. We have access to all shipping, airport, land port, terminals, and stations in Florida. Here are the top international destinations for our clients: 

  • China
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • India
  • United Kingdom 
  • France 
  • Italy 
  • Brazil 
  • Canada 
  • Russia 
  • South Korea 
  • Spain 
  • Australia 
  • Mexico 
  • Indonesia 
  • Netherlands 
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Turkey and 
  • Switzerland

We most note that Freedom Heavy Haul’s international shipping also covers other countries. You should contact us or visit this link to see the full list of international counties we cover. Our ODIS service covers all Florida State permits you need to get your loads shipped from any point in Tallahassee to a destination of choice (domestic or international). 

The weight limits in the state of Florida and Tallahassee are regulated by the State of Florida Permissible Weight table. 

Construction Equipment Shipping to/from Tallahassee

Our specialty is BIG and HEAVY shipments. We ship the heaviest equipment in the world! This includes oil rigs, cranes, hoists, dozers, drills, excavators, ploughs, etc. Whatever you need – we’ll ship it! We ship industrial-grade machinery all over Tallahassee and Northern Florida. 

Freedom Heavy Haul accepts responsibility for the well-being of our client’s equipment during the entire duration of the transit. We collaborate with Florida state authorities and hire agents and subcontractors if interventions are required to ensure the timely shipment of your machinery. 

RGN Trailers Servicing near Tallahassee

RGN trailers are large and require constant maintenance in order to keep cargo safe on the road. Safety is integral for preserving your machinery in top shape and avoiding accidents on the road. These are the top RGN trailer servicing companies near Tallahassee: 

RGN, Step Deck, Flat Deck trailers available near Tallahassee

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and one of the top #10 largest cities in the state. Tallahassee is the center of commerce for the entire North-Western Florida region and relies heavily on inland freight transported by trucks. The trucking industry is important in this part of Florida and most shipments are transported by large trucks. To ensure the cargo arrives efficiently, the trailer is the most important component. The following are available trailers near Tallahassee:

Tallahassee ZIP codes

Tallahassee ZIP CODE LIST: 

Other Useful Information:

  • Truck driving jobs in Tallahassee 
  • CDL License school
  • Useful info – Florida CDL requirements

Our Recent Shipments

Shipments image
Concrete Pump Truck Shipped Into Alvarado, Texas from Braselton, Georgia
This 35 ft. long Concrete Pump Truck was transported into Alvarado, Texas from Braselton, GA by Nick H. from Heavy Haulers. The 54,000-pound Concrete Pump Truck had a within limit 8 ft. of width and an oversize 12.9 ft. of height which called for a low RGN trailer platform for legal carriage. Nick H.’s determinations proved suitable and the 865-mile transport was exceedingly smooth.
Shipment Origin: Houston, TX
Shipment Destination: Los Angeles, CA
Trip Miles: 1548
Delivery Time: 3 Days
Trailer Type: Stretch RGN
Make and Model: Grove GMK3060
Category: All Terrain Crane
Dimensions: 37 Long
Cost: $ 2800.00

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