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Choosing the Right Trailer for Heavy Equipment Shipping in Mississippi

Heavy equipment shipping in Mississippi is complicated, requiring the right equipment and experienced personnel. A critical process component is selecting the right trailer for transporting the machinery. The trailer must be up to safely and securely transporting the equipment while conforming to state and federal regulations. In this article, we’ll explain why it’s important to choose the right trailer for shipping heavy equipment in Mississippi, and provide information on the types of trailers available for the job.

Choosing the Right Trailer for Heavy Equipment Shipping in Mississippi?

Heavy equipment shipping in Mississippi is a meticulous and detail-oriented process that requires expert handling and precise coordination. The state’s diverse terrain and varying routes necessitate appropriate trailers and machinery to safely and efficiently transport heavy equipment. From agricultural machinery to construction equipment, the right trailer choice is essential not only for the safety of the load but also to comply with state and federal regulations.

Types of Trailers Available for Shipping Heavy Equipment in Mississippi

There are a variety of trailers available for shipping heavy equipment in Mississippi. The type of trailer that is best suited for the job will depend on the size and weight of the machinery being transported.

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are the most common type of trailer for shipping heavy equipment in Mississippi. These trailers are designed to carry large loads and can accommodate machinery up to 10 feet in height. Lowboy trailers are also designed to be low to the ground, which allows them to maneuver in tight spaces and navigate curves and turns.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are also commonly used for shipping heavy equipment in Mississippi. These trailers are designed to carry large and bulky loads and are often used for transporting machinery too large for a lowboy trailer. Flatbed trailers can be up to 40 feet long and are available in various sizes and configurations.

Drop-Deck Trailers

Diving into the array of trailers, drop-deck trailers emerge as a viable choice for hauling heavy equipment in Mississippi. These trailers, crafted with a special deck that can nestle close to the earth, streamline the loading and unloading process for machinery. The varied sizes and configurations of drop-deck trailers accommodate a wide array of machinery, even those reaching the heights of 12 feet.

Finding the Right Trailer for Shipping Heavy Equipment in Mississippi

The quest for the optimal trailer for shipping heavy equipment in Mississippi is a critical endeavor, with the safety and security of the machinery at stake. The trailer landscape is varied, and the best choice pivots on the machinery’s dimensions and mass. Engaging a seasoned shipping provider, adept at selecting the right trailer, becomes instrumental. Enter Freedom Heavy Haul, a veteran in the field of heavy equipment shipping in Mississippi, poised to guide you towards the right trailer. Visit their website to delve deeper into their expertise.  Visit their website for more information.


Ultimately, the careful selection of the appropriate trailer is at the heart of any successful heavy equipment shipping endeavor in Mississippi. This choice is far more than a logistical consideration—it forms the very foundation of a secure, efficient, and legally compliant transportation journey.

The choice of a trailer is dictated by the dimensions and weight of the machinery, along with the specific needs of the shipment. This choice thus influences not only the safety of the equipment during transit but also the ease and efficiency with which the transport task can be accomplished. In a broader context, the right trailer selection ensures the adherence to state and federal regulations, safeguarding against potential legal complications.

Freedom Heavy Haul

Freedom Heavy Haul, with its extensive track record in heavy equipment shipping across Mississippi, is just such a provider. Their deep understanding of the state’s transportation landscape, regulatory requirements, and the diverse array of available trailers make them an invaluable partner in your shipping journey. They stand ready to assist, offering their expertise to guide you in finding the right trailer for your specific needs and ensuring your heavy equipment reaches its destination securely and efficiently.

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