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Freedom Heavy Haul can aid with any sized Heavy Hauling projects to or from the great state of Cerritos California or anywhere within the USA.

Looking for safe and effective heavy haul shipping to and from Cerritos California? Freedom Heavy Haul Trucking, Transport Hauling, Shipping and Movers is an industry leader.

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment to or from Cerritos, California, there is no better choice than a heavy haul trucking company. Heavy haul trucking companies specialize in transporting large, heavy items like construction equipment, industrial machinery, and agricultural equipment. With their specialized equipment and expertise, they can safely and efficiently transport your heavy equipment to or from Cerritos.

Heavy haul trucking companies have the experience and expertise necessary to safely transport your equipment. They are well-versed in the regulations and laws that govern the transportation of heavy items, and they have the necessary equipment to safely move your heavy equipment. They also have the right insurance and liability coverage to protect you and your equipment in the event of an accident or damage.

Heavy haul trucking companies can also provide you with a range of services to ensure your equipment arrives safely and on time. These services include:

  • Secure loading and unloading of your equipment
  • On-site inspections to ensure your equipment is safe for transport
  • On-site repair and maintenance services
  • Full-service tracking and monitoring of your shipment
  • Competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment to or from Cerritos, California, a heavy haul trucking company is the best choice. They have the expertise, equipment, and services necessary to ensure your equipment is transported safely and on time. So if you need to transport your heavy equipment to or from Cerritos, make sure to contact a heavy haul trucking company today.

Heavy haul trucking in Cerritos California is a specialized form of trucking that requires special equipment and expertise. It involves carrying oversized and overweight loads from one location to another. This type of trucking is often used to transport large machinery, construction materials, and other large items. Here is what you need to know about heavy haul trucking in Cerritos California.

  • Heavy haul trucking requires special permits and licenses. The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires a special permit for any vehicle that is carrying an oversized or overweight load. The permit must be obtained before the load is transported.
  • Heavy haul trucking requires specialized equipment. The trucks must be equipped with special low-boy trailers, which are designed to carry large and heavy loads. The trailers must also be equipped with air brakes, which allow the truck to stop quickly and safely.
  • Heavy haul trucking requires experienced drivers. The drivers must be experienced in handling large and heavy loads, as well as navigating the roads in Cerritos. Drivers must also be familiar with the local laws and regulations regarding heavy haul trucking.
  • Heavy haul trucking requires proper planning. The route must be planned carefully to ensure that the load can be safely transported. This includes selecting the best roads, avoiding traffic, and planning for any potential delays.
  • Heavy haul trucking requires insurance. The truck and the load must be insured to protect against any potential damage or loss. It is important to make sure the insurance is up to date and covers the full value of the load.

Heavy haul trucking in Cerritos California is a specialized form of trucking that requires special permits, equipment, and expertise. It is important to make sure you have the right permits, equipment, and drivers in place before attempting to transport an oversized or overweight load. With the right preparation, heavy haul trucking can be a safe and successful endeavor.

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Arrange a heavy haul delivery with Freedom Heavy Haul, and also you'll be surprised at exactly how simple it is! All you have to do is enter your contact and also delivery information right into our online type. Or consider that information to among our specialized transport representatives over the phone. Simply supply your pickup/delivery postal code and the sort of item you need to be transferred with dimensions.

We concentrate on helping you pick the appropriate trailer to fit your requirements. Our representatives have expert expertise concerning flatbed trailers, step-deck trailers, and also RGN trailers.

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Based upon the dimensions, we pick the correct equipment to match your shipment.

Among our expert Heavy Haul Trucking, Transport Hauling, Shipping and also Moving planners will certainly deal with you to prepare an equipment pickup date as well as time which works ideal for you. When you ship your devices direct with Freedom Heavy Haul, we do our best to work around your schedule!

Depending on the delivery size, we might fill the same day! For larger deliveries, we could require a little more time for journey planning and oversized allowing. For incredibly loads, a path survey may be required to identify the service provider's path prior to traveling. Whatever is required, we can manage it! Among our expert Heavy Haul organizers will certainly collaborate with you to guarantee that we pick the best choice to obtain your work done as rapidly and also, most notably, cost-effectively.

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Your shipment will reach its destination. Our Heavy Hauling carriers will make sure of that.

You can call your heavy haul carrier any time during your delivery to ask inquiries concerning arrival times as well as anything else that might be on your mind. Our heavy haul truckers undertake strenuous security as well as step-by-step training to guarantee that your cargo is secure every action of the means! You or a person you select will certainly carry out a final delivery assessment, accept a Bill of Lading, and you're done!

Heavy Hauling is complicated, and you need to just rely on someone with the correct understanding and experience. Call Freedom Heavy Haul today.

Learn more about the great State of Cerritos California

Cerritos, California is a great place to transport oversize loads. The city is conveniently located near major highways like the I-5, I-605, and I-405, so your oversize load won’t have to travel far to get to its destination. Cerritos has a wide variety of trucking companies that specialize in transporting oversize loads, so you’ll be sure to find one that meets your needs.

When transporting an oversize load through Cerritos, it’s important to understand the regulations that are in place. Each city has its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed, and Cerritos is no exception. Before you transport your load, make sure you understand the local laws and regulations.

When you’re transporting an oversize load through Cerritos, you must obtain a permit from the city. This permit will allow you to transport the load through the city without any issues. You must also make sure that your load is properly secured and that your truck is in good working order.

When you’re transporting an oversize load through Cerritos, you must also be aware of the local traffic laws. Make sure you understand the speed limits, the lane restrictions, and the rules regarding stopping and turning. You must also be aware of the local noise ordinances, as your truck may be too loud for the area.

When you’re transporting an oversize load through Cerritos, it’s important to make sure you’re properly insured. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage for the load you’re transporting, as well as any other items you may be transporting.

Finally, when you’re transporting an oversize load through Cerritos, make sure you’re aware of the local laws. Make sure you understand the regulations that are in place and that you’re following them. This will ensure that your load gets to its destination safely and without any issues.

Transporting an oversize load through Cerritos can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and knowledge, it can be done safely and efficiently. Make sure you understand the regulations that are in place and that you’re following them. This will ensure that your load gets to its destination without any issues.

Shipping To These Cities Near Cerritos California?

los angeles PECGYD pin-icon

Los Angeles

3,966,936 residents

san diego california PXYWE pin-icon

San Diego

1,409,573 residents

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San Jose

1,027,690 residents

What Are California's Major Cities And Roadways?

California is the country’s third largest state, after Alaska and Texas. The state of California is almost 900 miles long, but only 350 miles wide at its widest.

California has more than 170,000 miles of public roadways. The major north-south highway is I-5, which travels between Oregon and the border with Mexico. I-80 runs basically east/west through San Francisco and Sacramento and into Nevada, while I-10 goes from Los Angeles to Nevada. In San Diego, I-8 runs east/west from the ocean into Nevada.

Nearly 40 million people live in California. With more than 4 million people, Los Angeles is by far the largest city in California. But Sacramento is the fastest growing large city in the state. The 10 largest cities in California are:

  1. Los Angeles;
  2. San Diego;
  3. San Jose;
  4. San Francisco;
  5. Fresno;
  6. Sacramento;
  7. Long Beach;
  8. Oakland;
  9. Bakersfield;
  10. Anaheim.

What Are The Height, Weight, & Width Restrictions In California?

Transports that exceed the maximum regulations in California must apply for oversize permits. California allows about a half-foot more in legal height than other states. The limit is 14-feet in height, while most states restrict height to 13 feet 6 inches. Otherwise, the maximum weight and maximum width restrictions in the state are the same as most states in the country.

The dimensional restrictions in the state of California include:

  • Maximum weight: 80,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVR);
  • Maximum height: 14 feet;
  • Maximum width: 8 feet 6 inches.

What Are California's Length Restrictions?

California length restrictions are on par with the rest of the country. Tractor trailers are allowed up to 75 feet total length in special circumstances, such as when a combo trailer is used. Motor homes regulations are five feet shorter than most states. Travel trailers are restricted to 28 feet 6 inches in length. Fifth wheels are limited to 38 feet.

Trailer length maximums in Texas include:

  • Total length: 65 feet;
  • Trailer length: 53 feet;
  • Motor home length: 40 feet.

What Are The Oversize Transport Permits In California?

California issues more than 120,000 permits for oversize transport each year through Caltrans. Oversize travel is permitted from ½-huor before sunrise to ½-hour after sunset each day of the week, as long as you don’t need escorts. Also, morning and afternoon rush hours are restricted in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. If your load surpasses 100 feet in length, you’ll need to look into using escort vehicles.

The regulations for permitted oversize loads in California include:

  • Maximum Weight: 250,000 pounds;
  • Maximum Length: 135 feet total;
  • Maximum Height: 17 feet;
  • Maximum Width: 15 feet.

What Are California's Major Auction Houses?

Call Freedom Heavy Haul to transport heavy equipment to or from any auction house in California. Ritchie Brothers has three locations in the state (Perris, Dunnigan, Tipton). Iron Planet, which is owned by Ritchie Brothers, is headquartered in Pleasanton.

J.J. Kane Auctions has an office in Dixon. Other prominent equipment auction houses in California include:

  • Bar None Auctions, Sacramento;
  • Central Valley Auctions, Hanford;
  • Mulrooney Auction, Lodi;
  • Tauber-Arons, Sherman Oaks;
  • The Auction Company, Perris;
  • Western Construction Auctions, Perris.

What Are Some Major Rental Centers In California?

Talk to Freedom Heavy Haul about shipping your heavy equipment to or from any rental center in California. Sunbelt Rentals operates nearly 20 equipment rental locations in California, whole United Rentals has more than 15 locations in the state.

Rent-A-Center runs numerous locations in northern California, around San Francisco. Wally’s Rental Center operates two locations in northern California, near Sacramento. Clairmont Equipment Rental also has a pair of locations outside Los Angeles. Other major equipment rental centers in California include:

  • A Rental Center, San Jose;
  • A-1 Rental Center, Redwood City;
  • Cresco Equipment Rentals, Redding;
  • Dixon Rental Center, Dixon;
  • Simi-U-Rent, Simi;
  • Trinity Equipment Rentals, Chino.

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