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We have the experience to ship your heavy haul reliably to or from Urbana Iowa

Freedom Heavy Haul can aid with any type of sized Heavy Hauling projects to or from the terrific state of Urbana Iowa or anywhere within the USA.

If you need an industry leader in heavy haul shipping to and from Urbana Iowa look no further than Freedom Heavy Haul Trucking, Transport Hauling, Shipping and Movers.

If you’re looking to ship heavy equipment to or from Urbana, Iowa, you’ve come to the right place. Heavy haul trucking is our specialty, and we’re here to make sure your shipment arrives safely and on time. We understand that your heavy equipment is an important asset, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure it is transported safely and securely.

At our company, we specialize in shipping all kinds of heavy equipment, including construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and industrial machinery. We have years of experience in the industry, and we know the best routes to take to get your equipment from point A to point B. We also have access to a variety of trucks, trailers, and other transportation methods, so we can customize your shipment to meet your specific needs.

When you choose us, you’ll get more than just a reliable shipping service. We also provide excellent customer service, so you can rest assured that your shipment will be handled with care. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process, and we’ll be available to answer any questions you may have. We’ll also do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have.

We understand that shipping heavy equipment can be a stressful process. That’s why we strive to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible. We’ll take care of all the details, from obtaining the necessary permits to arranging for the pickup and delivery. You can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

At our company, we take pride in providing quality service and competitive rates. We’ll work with you to come up with a shipping solution that meets your needs and your budget. We also offer flexible payment options, so you can pay for your shipment in a way that works best for you.

If you’re looking for reliable, affordable shipping of heavy equipment to or from Urbana, Iowa, look no further than our company. We have years of experience in the industry, and we’re here to make sure your shipment arrives safely and on time. Contact us today to get started.

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Heavy haul trucking in Urbana, Iowa is an important part of the local economy, and it’s important to understand what’s involved when it comes to hauling heavy loads. Here’s what you need to know about heavy haul trucking in Urbana Iowa:

  • Heavy haul trucking requires specialized equipment and drivers. Drivers must be experienced in operating heavy equipment and navigating the roads of Urbana. They must also be knowledgeable about the local regulations and laws that govern heavy haul trucking.
  • Heavy haul trucking requires special permits and licenses. Before any heavy haul trucking can begin, the driver and the truck must be properly licensed and permitted. This includes obtaining a special permit from the local government.
  • Heavy haul trucking in Urbana can be expensive. The cost of the permits, licenses, and equipment can add up quickly. Additionally, the cost of fuel, maintenance, and insurance can also be high.
  • Heavy haul trucking requires careful planning. Drivers must plan their routes carefully to ensure that they are able to complete their haul safely and on time. This includes considering the weight of the load, the roads they will be traveling on, and any local regulations that may apply.
  • Heavy haul trucking can be dangerous. Drivers must be aware of the potential risks of hauling heavy loads, including the risk of accidents or other incidents. It’s important to have safety measures in place to protect drivers and the cargo.

Heavy haul trucking in Urbana, Iowa is an important part of the local economy, and it’s important to understand what’s involved when it comes to hauling heavy loads. With the right equipment, permits, licenses, and safety measures in place, heavy haul trucking can be a safe and profitable endeavor.

How it works

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Contact us for your heavy haul shipment online or call

Set up a heavy haul shipment with Freedom Heavy Haul, as well as you'll be shocked at just how very easy it is! All you need to do is enter your get in touch with and delivery information into our on-line type. Or consider that details to one of our committed transport agents over the phone. Just supply your pickup/delivery postal code and also the kind of item you require to be transferred with measurements.

We concentrate on aiding you pick the ideal trailer to fit your requirements. Our agents have professional expertise concerning flatbed trailers, step-deck trailers, as well as RGN trailers.

Step 2

Based upon the dimensions, we select the appropriate equipment to match your shipment.

Among our professional Heavy Haul Trucking, Transport Hauling, Shipping as well as Moving organizers will certainly work with you to arrange a devices pick-up day and time which works best for you. We do our very best to work around your routine when you deliver your devices straight with Freedom Heavy Haul!

Depending upon the delivery dimension, we can pack the very same day! For larger shipments, we might require a bit even more time for trip planning and oversized allowing. For incredibly loads, a course survey might be needed to determine the provider's course before travel. Whatever is required, we can handle it! Among our professional Heavy Haul planners will certainly deal with you to ensure that we pick the most effective alternative to obtain your work done as rapidly as well as, most notably, cost-effectively.

Step 3

Our Heavy Hauling Trucking carriers will deliver your shipment to its destination.

You can contact your heavy haul transporter any time throughout your delivery to ask concerns regarding arrival times and also anything else that might get on your mind. Our heavy haul truckers undergo rigorous safety and security and step-by-step training to guarantee that your freight is safe every action of the method! You or someone you designate will carry out a last delivery inspection, sign off on a Bill of Lading, as well as you're done!

Heavy Hauling is complicated, and also you ought to just trust somebody with the proper understanding and also experience. Contact Freedom Heavy Haul today.

Learn more about the great State of Urbana Iowa

Heavy haul trucking is a specialized form of transportation that is used to transport oversize loads through Urbana Iowa. It is important to understand the specific regulations and laws that are in place to ensure safe and efficient transportation of oversized loads.

Heavy haul trucking companies in Urbana Iowa must be licensed and insured to haul oversize loads. The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) requires that all heavy haul truckers be registered with the state and that they have proof of insurance. Additionally, any vehicle used for heavy haul trucking must be inspected and approved by the IDOT before it can be used for transporting oversize loads.

Oversize loads must be properly secured and loaded onto the truck in order to ensure the safety of the driver and other motorists. The load must be properly balanced and secured with chains and straps to prevent shifting during transport. If the load is too large or too heavy, it must be broken down into smaller loads that can be safely transported.

When transporting oversize loads through Urbana Iowa, it is important to be aware of the various routes that are available. The most direct route may not always be the safest route to take. If the load is too large or too heavy, it may be necessary to take an alternate route to avoid bridges or other obstacles.

It is also important to be aware of the various regulations that are in place for transporting oversize loads. The IDOT has specific rules and regulations that must be followed when transporting oversize loads. These include speed limits, lane restrictions, and other safety measures.

In addition to the regulations that must be followed, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with transporting oversize loads. These include the risk of damage to the load, the risk of accidents, and the risk of theft.

When transporting oversize loads through Urbana Iowa, it is important to be aware of all the regulations and safety measures that are in place. Heavy haul trucking companies must be properly licensed and insured, and the loads must be properly secured and loaded onto the truck. Additionally, alternate routes may need to be taken if the load is too large or too heavy.


Shipping To These Cities Near Urbana Iowa?

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Des Moines

215,636 residents

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Cedar Rapids

132,301 residents

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102,169 residents

What Are Iowa's Major Cities And Roadways?

Iowa is the 26th largest state. The state is 300 miles long and 200 miles wide. Iowa maintains more than 110,00 miles of roadway, but less than 800 miles of roads in the state are interstate highways. An extensive network of state highways intersects with Iowa’s interstates to provide access to towns and cities. There are more public roadways in Iowa than there are interstate highways in the rest of the country. I-80, the state’s only east/west interstate, goes between Illinois and Nebraska, running through Des Moines. I-35 runs perpendicular to I-80 in the middle of the state, traveling between the borders with Minnesota and Missouri. I-28 also runs north/south in the western portion of the state, connecting Sioux City with Missouri.

Iowa has the 30th largest state population in the country. A little more than 3 million people live in Iowa. With more than 200,000 people, Des Moines is the most populous city in Iowa. Tiffin, a small town in eastern Iowa, was the fastest growing city in the state in 2017. The 10 largest cities in Iowa are:

  1. Des Moines;
  2. Cedar Rapids;
  3. Davenport;
  4. Sioux City;
  5. Iowa City;
  6. Waterloo;
  7. Ames;
  8. West Des Moines;
  9. Council Bluffs;
  10. Dubuque.

What Are The Height, Weight, & Width Restrictions In Iowa?

Non-divisible loads that exceed the state’s maximum dimensions must apply for oversize permits to operate in Iowa. Oversize loads must be equipped with flashing strobe lights and warning banners on the front and back. The banners must be at least 7-feet long with lettering at least 10-inches tall.

The dimensional restrictions in the state of Iowa include:

Maximum weight: 80,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW);

Maximum height: 13 feet 6 inches;

Maximum width: 8 feet 6 inches.

What Are Iowa's Length Restrictions?

The length restrictions for tractor-trailer transport in Iowa are similar to laws in the rest of the nation. The state allows tandem tractor-trailers up to 70 feet in length. Like motor homes, travel trailers are restricted to 45 feet in length.

Trailer length maximums in Iowa include:

Total length: 60 feet;

Trailer length: 53 feet;

Motor home length: 45 feet.

What Are The Oversize Transport Permits In Iowa?

Permits to ship oversize loads on Iowa roadways can be obtained from the Department of Transportation. If the vehicle is less than 100-feet long, 11-feet wide and 14-feet 4-inches tall, your oversize load can travel at any hour. Otherwise, operations are restricted to ½-hour before sunrise until ½-hour after sunset each day. Shipments that exceed oversize load maximums must travel as Super Loads.

Maximum dimensions for oversize loads in Iowa include:

Maximum Weight: 132,000 pounds on seven axles;

Maximum Length: 120 feet total;

Maximum Height: 16 feet;

Maximum Width: 18 feet.

What Are Iowa's Major Auction Houses?

Turn to Freedom Heavy Haul to ship your heavy equipment to or from any auction house in Iowa. Ritchie Brothers has offices in Des Moines and Burlington. Steffes Group and Sullivan Auctioneers, two prominent midwestern auction houses, both are located in Mt. Pleasant. Jeff Martin Auctioneers has an office in Ottumwa

Other equipment auction houses in Iowa include:

  • Carroll Machinery Auction, Carroll;
  • Dick Backes Auctioneers, Raymond;
  • Hallberg Auction Services, Ogden;
  • Hilpipre Auction, Waterloo;
  • Taylor & Martin Auctioneers, Sioux City;
  • Yoder Auction Services; Kalona.

What Are Some Major Rental Centers In Iowa?

Ask Freedom Heavy Haul to transport your heavy equipment to or from any rental center in Iowa. Sunbelt Rentals has four locations, including one in Des Moines and one in Cedar Rapids. United Rentals nine locations spread throughout the state. Rent-All operates a pair of equipment rental centers, in Sioux Center and Storm Lake

Other equipment rental centers in Iowa include:

  • A-1 Rental Equipment, Cedar Rapids;
  • Altorfer, Cedar Rapids;
  • Bierschbach Equipment, Sioux City;
  • Black Hawk Rental, Waterloo;
  • Mason City RentAll, Mason City;
  • Resource Rental Center, Council Bluffs;
  • Reuter’s Equipment, Council Bluffs;
  • Titan Machinery, Des Moines.

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